So it’s been awhile! I was accepted into the Hemphearts campaign!!! It came with a giveaway bag so I sent that out to my sister!! Sometime we should be on the list for a 4 bedroom house — cannot wait. Hoping it is one without a basement! I like playing with the kids, but their playroom is downstairs so I’m not digging all of the entry points to the house avaiable to be broken into. I’m sure the chances if that are slim to none but you never know.

Third grade is going well for NAB. No stack of unfinished work sent home…yet. Missing a few things due to forgetting them in his backpack. Rawr.

Soccer is going well also. We are 2-0 (not that it matters) A lot of kids are starting football so we will be down to half the team for practices. The kids who commit to practice will have more game time. Stinks but a commitment is a commitment. Parents quit signing your kids up for multiple sports!!!!!!!!! One at a time. When are they kids?????? Ugh.

Working out has been kicked to the wayside. Going to start back at it tomorrow!!! I’ve got a few more fitness stuffs to add to what I was already doing, so I am actually excited! Taking the pups for a nice long walk then coming back to work it in the basement while E is playing around. Moving all the workout stuff down there so it’s all in one place! I know we won’t be in this house forever, but right now….in works!!

What else….

Turned in mom’s secondary dependent paperwork to the clinic. Hoping to hear she was put under a provider. Nervous they won’t have room…but stayi ng positive!!!!!!

NAB and I ran a 1.5 mile glow run last Friday! The base had a free event….wwho can pass up a free race, with glowsticks and glow paint??!!! We rocked it — he rocked it. Didn’t stop once! We finished after a handful of adults. They were amazed he was passing them. I told them he was born to run ☺



I was reading an artical that said runners shouldn’t focus on numbers.

I don’t think anyone should focus on numbers! I know a lot of people who are afraid to turn 30…Why?? You’re ALIVE. Ladies who focus on the scale…Why?? How do you feel? How do your clothes fit? If you don’t like it – change it. Work out and eat healthy. Don’t wrap, pop pills or down meal replacement shakes! Take all that money you are spending and buy food and some work out clothes!! If you can’t go to the gym…work out at home. Sit ups, push ups and pull ups. Run your stairs. Chase your kids or fur kids around the yard. Stop with the excuses! It won’t happen over night, a week and maybe not even a year! Think of how long you had the extra weight….that’s how long it will take to truly change!!!!

Don’t give up. Ever. Love yourself!!

End of Summer

Today is officially the last day of Summer. Normally I look forward to a new school year, not this year. The elementary school our kid goes to is in my eyes not good enough! Unorganized, chaotic mess of kids running around and adults gossiping in the halls. It’s mainly military kids that go there. (Hence the hens in the halls) I got kicked off the PTA also. Typical military spouses…little do they know I can see what they are saying about me on FB – Hello ladies you forget yoy added me on after the secret meeting you had just to say I didn’t show up.

I hold all my stress in my back and today….it is on fire. Small movements, big movements and movement and I’m frozen in pain. Husband is TDY, naturally.

We received our soccer roster last night – for a school 20 mins away! Oh well.. we know for next year to request we only play on our side of town!! I talked to the guy in charge of shirts. We were told first come first pick. If we get white, I’m going to lose my shit. I picked stone washed green since it sounded different!

School supplies have all been labled, put in the backpack and ready for drop off!!

7 day stretch

I’m joining prAna and Sweat Pink for a super fun, #7daystretch #liveinprana challenge – it starts today (Monday, August 24th) and ends at the end of the week (Sunday, August 30th). Join in on the fun – answering daily prompts (see below) – or if you’d prefer to lurk, you can follow along on FitApproach or through the hashtags: #liveinprana #7daystretch #sweatpink!

We’ll be talking about how we (the community) embrace a prAna lifestyle (#liveinprana) and are challenging ourselves to stretch a little deeper, farther and more mindfully for 7 whole days (the #7daystretch). And we’re not just stretching our bodies so you don’t have to be pretzel to join in, we’re also stretching our minds and souls!

We’re nearing the end of August and even though the summer is coming to an end, I’m super excited about the Fall because that means Winter is right around the corner.  In fact, my very favorite thing about Fall is the cooler air. I can imagine myself wearing a peppa jacket while I walk my son to school because I’m sure it will be a little cold!

If I had one goal for the Fall, it would be biking longer and farther because I won’t be able to make it through mountains of snow with my 4 year old on the back. To achieve it, I know I will need . And of course I want to look great doing it so have the gazelle pant on my wish-list…..

What are you most excited about for Fall?

Join us for the #liveinprana #7daystretch. Here are the daily prompts to get you started!

Bulu Box Review


I received my Bulu Box this afternoon! Very excited to open it and see what was inside!! Use the code SWEATPINK and you’ll get 50% off a 3, 6, 12 month subscription box!


Inside I found:

Bugeater Foods Jump: Cricket protein chocolate shake

Island Boost

Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula

Earth’s Care Anti-Itch Cream

Mediterra Bars – Savory Sundried Tomato Basil

More-T Toothbrush


I don’t normally fuel with these packs pre/post workout so I’m unsure of how they should taste. Mid workout I sucked this down. Blueberry taste was amazing, this was juice not gel – But minutes later my tongue swelled and the roof of my mouth was on fire. I wouldn’t recommend this to a friend! ($25.75/10 pack)


This bar smelled exactly like sundried tomatoes and basil but the texture and taste weren’t great at all. To be blunt, I gagged! I had my 8 year old test this out also (He did not see me try it before taking a bite himself) after swallowing it he said “please don’t make me eat the rest.” We aren’t fans but I am sure for he savory treat lover – this would be perfect!! (23.95/12 Bars)


My favorite product in this box! Earth’s Care Anti-itch cream – Camphor & Menthol with shea butter and almond butter. HUGE downside to this little sample — no safety seal!!! Relieves the itch as soon as you rub it on and has a great cooling effect! Skeeters are out and about again here in MT and this stuff has calmed my craving to scratch!!! ($11.99/2.4 oz tube)


Bugeater Foods Jump – Cricket protein shake. I don’t do shakes, so this was interesting. I mixed this up with 7 oz of cold water – Instructions called for 6-8 oz so I just went in the middle. Mixed up well…Bottoms up! Really chalky taste that didn’t leave my mouth until I brushed my teeth. I’m sure if I had mixed this up in a smoothie and masked it’s vitamin flavor this would have been okay. But for review purposes — just water for this lady! I’m sure those who down shakes regularly would find this appetizing but for me it missed the mark! Chocolate flavor didn’t do it for me! ($39.99/7 pack)


Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula – I have again never used anything like this product personally. I’ve only mixed up my fair share of similar products for my husband after he had surgery. Mixed up awesome – I used cold water vs juice. Didn’t want to mask the flavor! Had a slight orange taste, nothing crazy. Looking over everything again after drinking this drink — I found a warning…I like my reproductive system – no more babies for us but the warning wasn’t the best thing to read after ingesting this. This product is not for me! ($16.55/48 servings)


More-T Toothbrush took awhile for me to not use my normal method of side to side…I felt like this didn’t reach the teeth way in the back of my mouth well. Bristles were soft and it worked well on my front teeth. I loved this for tongue cleaning!!!  I’ll be sticking to my traditional toothbrush! A friend said she would love these for braces! ($15.98 for 2 brushes)

I enjoyed reviewing this box! It was fun to test out new products and step out of my comfort zone!

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Summer is coming to a close! School begins in 13 days. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it at all. Normally, school beginning is this amazing time! Having moved across the country to a place where education isn’t something people focus on…sucks. Backpack is ready to go and lunch box freezing in the freezer.

We have been working hard at hitting the 100 mile mark since the end of June…we PASSED IT! Biking and running almost everyday! Swimming for an hour as well! #100milesofsummer

Mom has arrived and has been enjoying getting out and about! Need the divorce certificate to arrive to finish the paperwork for becoming a secondary dependant.

Pole arrived yesterday and was easy to put up – which was a surprise. Thank goodness for youtube. Spinning mode is intense…hoping to do some inversions soon! Whenever I get over the fear of it flying off the ceiling!!!

Horrible Blogger

Yep. Worst blogger in the history of bloggers! It isn’t easy to write down what’s going on…posting a photo  on IG takes a few seconds!

Summer soccer started in June…NAB is fantastic! So happy he is enjoying being on a team! When he was 4, we put him in football (down south) with the boys and girls club. He sat on the bench with 3 other boys who didn’t know how to play during games and if he did play he was on the line – every time. It was flag football, no scores – just fun. Parents were crazy. Yelling, screaming, jumping around fighting to get their kids attention. Meanwhile, we just stared across at the boys on the bench. After two games, we never went back. I had to beg him to play soccer! He has made friends on the team and is slowly opening up to the coaches. Fall soccer sign ups have opened and he is pumped to play again! I think he has found a sport he enjoys! His brother doesn’t want anything to do with soccer or football. He wants to play hockey…he’s 3, so that dream won’t be happening for a long time!! We still don’t know where the ice rink is…closed in the summers here.

Biking has become my workout of choice while awaiting new running shoes! 12 miles has been our farthest ride with zero complaints from NAB. ☺

Still haven’t met anyone here to hang with. E won’t be in PreK this year due to lack of funds. I applied for a job – zero word! NAF jobs are cofusing. Do I call?? Do I wait?? The job has been opened since March…..

Mom arrives next week!!!!! So excited!


My 3 year olds feet jabbing into my face is how I woke up this morning! After a few hours, the husband woke up and we were off to swim at the community center.

They say the pool is heated, but it feels like 50 degrees! We can only swim for 45 minutes max before our oldest lips turn blue and he’s shivering. The boy has zero fat on his bones! He is all muscle! After warming up for a good 5 minutes in steaming water, he was alright and got his normal color back.

We walked to the gym and played catch and ran after the various balls they have avaiable. The husband always tried to make a basket from the other side of the gym – has yet to sink one! I started shooting and missing horribly. I bet my husband whoever made the first basket, they didn’t have to make lunch….I lost. The next one was give the kids showers…I lost again! The last one he came up with…make two shots in a row, winner gets whatever they want for a week. I WON! This was after 20 minutes of shooting literally right next to the hoop. But since I wasn’t behind the line….doesn’t count. Of course!!

I am not tall…at all. I feel like in 5 feet of water I am drownding. I just learned to swim a few years ago after we moved to GA and lived at the pool while I was prego with our youngest. We would have already played in the kiddie pool if we still lived there anxiously awaiting the pool opening. Today, it was snowing! Totally killed half my plants off…my pumpkins and a few random flowers dies earlier this week because of the huge frost we had one morning. Hoping most of them make it so I can produce something. They have been knocked over so many times by our dogs, I don’t know what is what. All of the watermelon, cantaloupe and cucumbers look exactly the same right now!!!

So confusing. Weekend is coming to a close. Hockey on the TV. This momma deserves a little cat nap!!!


1 mile and a bit of life

The Armed Forces Kids Run was today! I was sursurprise at how many kids were there. So amazing to see active kiddos running their hearts out!! No prizes or awards just FUN. NAB did amazing and I’m pretty sure he isn’t looking forward to doubling the amount of times he has to run around the indoor track if it rains again! It is so dry here — even if it has bee  raining for days. Excites to see how he does in his first duathlon next weekend! His first solo race with “big kids”, I didn’t see an age bracket for that event on the registration!

LIFE. 😆😆😆

My momma is headed out this way to live with us! So, we refinanced a loan. Plane ticket, bed, table and dresser…of course new bedding and perhaps a few new clothing items to greet her when she arrives. It has been a roller-coaster of emotions battling to get her out here……but it is happening. I wish we could afford to move all of her things. Cannot wait to get her insurance and seen. It has been years! So excite!!


Yoga has consumed my thoughts! If I could go to a class I would in a heartbeat! Cross fit seems to be the big thing here…like 6 gyms..?? Is that what they call them?? No clue on how many groups! Anyway, back to yoga! YouTube and instagram have helped me learn some poses and flow along during the day! Pole fittness is another one of my loves – again – zero classes here. Maybe in a year or two when things slow down, I’ll have a pole in my home! ☺